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fight the order: videos from the breeniverse
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4th-Feb-2009 05:01 pm - All Good at Eqal?
TheResistance- Maggie
"Misfits" Executive Producer Jenni Powell has released a statement apologizing for the misunderstanding between her crew and Eqal.

Greg responded with this comment: "Jenni, you are awesome. As far as we are concerned, this drama is all behind us and this whole community is going to move forward and support The Last. You are a very talented filmmaker and important member of this community and we can't wait to see your pilot for next season of TSIY!!!"

Looks like it's all sunshine and rainbows again behind-the-scenes, but a lot of fans are still really upset. Some are blaming the whole thing on the fact that Jenni is a former employee and never should've been allowed to enter in the first place, which is ridiculous, IMO.

4th-Feb-2009 01:20 am - TSIY Behind-The-Scenes Drama
TheResistance- Maggie
Sad Karen is sad. :-(

The crew of "The Misfits" pulled out of LG15: The Show Is Yours due to a misunderstanding about the financial backing.

Greg later held a Stickem chat to clear things up. LG15 has the answers.

Seems like people are pretty divided about whose fault this is, and a lot of people are upset about how Eqal, and Greg in particular, handled the situation.

Personally, I think it could've been handled better, but what's done is done and we should all move on. I hope this doesn't create hard feelings between the "Misfits" crew and Eqal, and I personally will still watch The Resistance when it finally returns. (I never really planned to watch "The Last," but I might give it a shot. I won't not watch it because of this.)

27th-Jan-2009 08:56 pm - First video of N1ckola posted.
I'm not sure if this is the first episode or a prologue, but a video for N1ckola is up. The intro and closing sequences have the same footage from the trailer, but arranged differently. Don't worry, this episode's in English, because the segment takes place in London, where a certain Lane is mentioned.

...among other interesting events. ;)

History: an Introduction

Feel free to discuss what happened in the video.
26th-Jan-2009 11:05 pm - *sigh*
TheResistance- Maggie
There is one story (technically, a trailer for a story) in the LG15 category at fanfiction.net...

and it's not an LG15 story.

It's a trailer for a story about Emily Osment, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. None of whom were involved in LG15 the last time I checked.


Why are people stupid?
26th-Jan-2009 07:44 pm - LG15: TSIY Announcement
TheResistance- Maggie
Taken from InsideLG15:

"LG15: The Misfits has been chosen as the featured show for LG15: The Show Is Yours. The runner up, LG15: The Last, will also be included in the first season of LG15: The Show Is Yours. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. LG15 will be contacting you directly to talk about a special autographed prize and how you can enter Season 2 of LG15: The Show Is Yours. Yep, that’s right, there will be a Season 2!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, watched the pilots, and attended our live chat today. The LG15 community rocks!!"

Yay! More Taylor/Spencer fun!

25th-Jan-2009 05:04 pm - Precious Blood
TheResistance- Maggie
1 Wallpaper, featuring the Trait positive girls of the LG15 universe

Lonely GirlsCollapse )

Got the pics from the LGPedia.

24th-Jan-2009 01:48 am - "Decisions, Decisions...Britney?"
TheResistance- Maggie
Oh, how I love MaxterBexter. I have to share this, because it has not only Max's sped-up singing of a Britney Spears song, and an awesomely creepy mansion of unknown ownership, but I'm more convinced then ever that they're together.

Just watch.

(I'm assuming this is allowed since their TSIY pilot was posted, and my previous MaxterBexter icons, and, you know, they have a tag. If it's not, feel free to take it down.)

The producers behind “Lonelygirl15” and “KateModern” inked a deal to license a new show in the “Lonelygirl15” saga to Polish producers Agora and A2 Multimedia, the companies announced today. The new show, “N1ckola,” blends reality, documentary and fiction, said EQAL, the creators of the show.

“It was always our hope to expand the ‘LG15’ universe into new countries through full-format licensing deals like this one with Agora,” said Greg Goodfried, one of the EQAL founders. “‘N1ckola’ is the perfect example of a business model we’d like to replicate in the future in even more countries.”


This sounds interesting. I enjoyed Katemodern, so I'll probably enjoy it. Since this one and the Italian one would probably be in different languages, I hope LGpedia would provide translated transcripts for them. This could be potentionally used to educate people about other countries and cultures.

Can't wait!
18th-Jan-2009 08:15 pm - discussion
So it looks like we won't hear from TAAG for a few months. What do you think their explanation will be for spontaneously going on hiatus mid-action?
I've just got an e-mail back confirming that Lonelygirl15 has been added to the TV section of fanfiction.net. You cannot see it at the moment because there is no fanfic in it. Anyone who has an account there and likes writing fanfiction for Lonelygirl15 should submit it to the section. That way, the section would appear and more Lonelygirl15 fans would see it and write fanfic. 
13th-Jan-2009 12:38 am - LG15: The Misfits- the Pilot
TheResistance- Maggie
Here is one of the submissions for LG15: The Show Is Yours, starring none other than MaxterBexter themselves!

I give you, LG15: The Misfits.

8th-Jan-2009 05:48 pm(no subject)
I once tried to get Lonelygirl15 and Katemodern a section on fanfiction.net,  but that didn't work. I'm going to try again, but I want to consult you about two things.

First, sould Lonelygirl15 and Katemodern have separate sections or be combined into one section?
Second, should they be in the Misc. Category or the TV Show Category?

Edit (the First?): Thank you for your contributions. I have already sent an e-mail to categories@fanfiction.com and hopefully they'll send back a comfirmation. Fingers crossed!
from hymnofnone
If you need something to do while we wait to find out if Sarah is really going to force Jonas and Maggie to make babies, check this link out:


It's a code from our best friends, the hymnofnone! I had to go to Topeka to get this freakin' thing! Any help would be great.
24th-Dec-2008 06:06 pm - Happy Holidays
TheResistance- Maggie

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you all have a great holiday season.
17th-Dec-2008 11:51 pm - More Icons!
TheResistance- Maggie
I made more LG15 and Resistance icons!

1-35: Lonelygirl15
36-47: The Resistance

Teasers: LG15,icons,Jackson Davis LG15,icons,Jackson Davis LG15,icons

Includes spoilers for Day of AtonementCollapse )

~I love comments.
~Please credit if taking

7th-Dec-2008 10:44 pm - Chapter 12: Journey's End
TheResistance- Maggie
I know I'm late posting this. Sorry.

My brief commentsCollapse )
4th-Dec-2008 12:17 am - Chapters 9, 10, 11
TheResistance- Maggie
Chapter 9: New England Ho!

Chapter 10: Splitting Up

Chapter 11: We All Fall Down
3rd-Dec-2008 09:21 am - Promotion: coleensblog part 2
from hymnofnone
The newest chapter of coleensblog has begun!

What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!

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