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lonelyjournal15: the sequel and conclusion to lg15

Hi, everyone. I wrote an LG15 fanfic recently, and I hoped some of you might like to read it.


LonelyJournal15: the fan-written sequel and conclusion to the LG15 saga
by ireactions, suze900 and renegade15

PLOT SUMMARY: Alexis Capshaw is a lonely girl. Or at least she was until she moved into her new apartment and met her neighbors; unstable and gun-wielding Jonas, friendly yet bizarrely paranoid Daniel, brash and hedonistic Sarah, and Gina, who seems to be suffering from trauma of some kind. Alexis expected dealing with her new neighbors would be a challenge, but she never expected fistfights, breaking and entering, gunplay or explosions from the people next door.

Alexis is starting to miss being lonely...

This story is set after the events of LG15: The Resistance. It is unrelated to the events of N1kola and The Last.

LonelyJournal15 can be read on the lonelyjournal15 account or downloaded in PDF and TEXT format.

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