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fight the order: videos from the breeniverse
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24th-Jul-2010 12:42 pm - Top Ten Lonelygirl15 Videos
TheResistance- Maggie
So occasionally on my journal, I do list of my top ten favorite whatever. My most recent is my ten favorite LG15 videos. I'd love to hear different opinions, so if you'd like to check it out, you can do that here

31st-Aug-2009 09:39 pm - TSIY2
TheResistance- Maggie
Details about LG15: The Show Is Yours 2.

(What would y'all do without me?)
15th-Aug-2009 05:42 pm - Update from the EQAL team
TheResistance- Maggie
New post on Inside LG15, announcing the return of the LG15 phpBB forum, apologizing for the suck that has been going on in recent months and promising news on LG15 coming up!

This is good!

17th-Jun-2009 01:41 pm - Additions to TV Tropes

I have added N1ckola and LG15: The Last to TVTropes while I have added a character section for Lonelygirl15. If you have an TVTropes account (And if you don't, it's very easy.), I would appreciate if you contribute and expand each section.
24th-May-2009 08:33 pm - Random Admission of Geekiness
TheResistance- Maggie
Am I the only one who hears John Connor say, "If you're listening to this, you are The Resistance," and adds, "...And you will not be stopped"?

I am? Okay.
24th-May-2009 06:27 pm(no subject)
In case you haven't noticed, Reed is in the new Taco Bell commercial. He's the groom. I could only find a video on facebook, I'm sorry.


I find it funny that two of the actors in the LG15 series are in advertising for Tacos.
I know that this revelation is two months late, but I am not aware if anyone on this community has been informed, so I'll post this.


Eqal -- the digital studio that created the hit Web-series lonelygirl15 and KateModern -- has announced a licensing agreement with entertainment company Shinto Tsushin to distribute lonelygirl15 and KateModern throughout Japan and to create original content under the LG15 franchise.



Under the terms of the partnership, Shinto Tsushin will distribute Japanese dubbed versions of lonelygirl15 and KateModern throughout Japan. In addition, they will produce and distribute an original LG15 social show that will take place in Japan.

Shinto Tsushin will work with a local production company to create a new social show to extend the LG15 franchise. The show will fit into the general LG15 mythology and Shinto Tsushin will be responsible for localizing the story and characters to Japanese culture and norms.

Eqal has a similar licensing agreement with Polish producers Agora and A2 Multimedia for the n1ckola social show, which is distributed in Poland and also part of the LG15 franchise. --Gavin O'Malley

Hi, everyone. I wrote an LG15 fanfic recently, and I hoped some of you might like to read it.


LonelyJournal15: the fan-written sequel and conclusion to the LG15 saga
by ireactions, suze900 and renegade15


PLOT SUMMARY: Alexis Capshaw is a lonely girl. Or at least she was until she moved into her new apartment and met her neighbors; unstable and gun-wielding Jonas, friendly yet bizarrely paranoid Daniel, brash and hedonistic Sarah, and Gina, who seems to be suffering from trauma of some kind. Alexis expected dealing with her new neighbors would be a challenge, but she never expected fistfights, breaking and entering, gunplay or explosions from the people next door.

Alexis is starting to miss being lonely...

This story is set after the events of LG15: The Resistance. It is unrelated to the events of N1kola and The Last.

LonelyJournal15 can be read on the lonelyjournal15 account or downloaded in PDF and TEXT format.

PDF: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g002hy
TEXT: http://www.sendspace.com/file/takz3j
TheResistance- Maggie
I'm going through withdrawal.

1-3: Yay For Yetti!
4-7: Decisions, Decisions...Britney?
8-12: 9pm- The Beginning of a Long Night
13-17: 11pm- Becki Shakes Her Laffy Taffy
18-22: Shhhhhh!
23-28: Taco John's: Behind The Scenes
29-34: 1am- Dancing, Flirting and a Kiss
35-40: 2am- Becki Finally Admits Her Attraction (Lie)
41-46: Jenni's Birthday Karaoke Extravaganza
47-54: 3am- NEW CONTEST!

Teasers: icons,MaxterBexter icons,MaxterBexter icons,MaxterBexter

they'll create light for MaxterBexterCollapse )

~Comments are great!
~Please credit if taking!

29th-Apr-2009 02:20 pm - Thoughts on Nickola

The sixtyth episode of Nickola has been posted today and I wonder what everyone here thinks of the show.

Personally, I like it, even though I don't understand polish and LGpedia hasn't translated any episodes except the first few (Speaking of which, they need to update certain Nickola pages :pokes LGpedia:). I found the plot interesting, even though it appears that Ola's crew haven't confronted with the Order yet. While I like everyone, my favorite character is Justyna, Natan's girlfriend. I guess I like that she can be tough one minute and soft the next.

What are your thoughts?


16th-Apr-2009 09:30 pm - Gonna give this one last shot...
TheResistance- Maggie
lg15_rp,Jessica Rose

Rules and Info | Application

We have plenty of available characters, and are always looking for new members! Apply today!

3rd-Apr-2009 10:43 pm - "3am- NEW CONTEST!"
TheResistance- Maggie
The latest MaxterBexter vid:

A few thoughtsCollapse )

What do y'all think?

30th-Mar-2009 01:49 pm - Just For Fun
TheResistance- Maggie
You Know You Watch Too Much LG15 When...

1.) Your brother names your dog Jackson, and you decide his middle name is Davis

2.) You decide never to go to a certain local hospital, because the music in their commercial is way too much like the Hymn of One theme song

3.) You are absolutely convinced that Claire Bennet is some form of Trait Positive, or something very close to it

4.) You really, really want to hear Lexi Dreyfus speak with her English accent- just once

Come on, you guys know you have something to add. :-)
24th-Feb-2009 07:38 pm - Wallpapers!
TheResistance- Maggie
2 Wallpapers! One featuring Bree and P. Monkey, one with MaxterBexter. Both made in 800x600, just because it was easier.

It's a Purple Monkey. I think it speaks for itselfCollapse )

Max & BeckiCollapse )

(The text on the second is from the song in "Max & Becki Eat Sushi." I believe it's "Must Have Done Something Right" by Relient K.)

14th-Feb-2009 11:08 pm - What's in a name...
For kicks, I've found the meanings for the main, supporting, and recurring characters of Lonelygirl15 and LG15: The Resistance. I've discovered most of the names through babynamesworld.com, behindthename.com (Given Name and Surname websites), and search for ancestors.com. The hyphens between words stands for the meaning of given names and surnames (With the acception of Maggie, who has two given names). The N/A means I've been unable to track down a meaning. If you could find the meanings for many of them, you're more than welcome to comment here.

Read more...Collapse )
Next time, I might do ones for Katemodern and N1kola!
13th-Feb-2009 08:17 pm - LG15_RP
TheResistance- Maggie
lg15_rp,Jessica Rose
Hey, guys. If you haven't already, check out lg15_rp, the only LG15 RP on LiveJournal. We're accepting applications for any LG15, KateModern or Resistance characters as well as Original Characters.

Rules | Application

11th-Feb-2009 11:44 am - BTS Icons
TheResistance- Maggie
I went a little graphics-happy yesterday. :-)

31 Icons from Behind-The-Scenes of LG15
1-2: Crystal Young
3-4: Katherine & Lexi
5-7: Alli Danziger
8-11: Melanie Merkosky
12-15: Jessica Rose
16-20: Amanda Goodfried
21-25: Kevin Schlanser
26-31: Group Shots

Teaser: icons,LG15 icons,LG15,Jessica Rose icons,LG15,Jackson Davis,Alexandra Dreyfus

still so hard to let you goCollapse )

~Pics are from the LGPedia, and the BTS videos "Behind The Curtain" and "British Invasion"
~Comments are awesome! :-D
~Please credit if taking!

(This would have a lot more tags, but apparently only Mods can add new tags. *shrug*)

10th-Feb-2009 04:41 pm - "Hey, guys. It's Nikki B."
TheResistance- Maggie
One wallpaper featuring everybody's favorite investigating reporter, Nikki Bower!

Hey, Spencer/It's me/It's me, Nikki B.Collapse )

~Pictures from the LGPedia, of course
~Comments are wonderful!


ETA: Ugh. The layout is making me scroll to see the whole image. Sorry, y'all.
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